About Me


Welcome to my house

I am so excited to have you join us for some good food and fun.


I am all about food, family, and now fun.  The recipes I share have taken a while to deconstruct because I don’t measure unless I’m following a set recipe.  I work hard to make sure my family has great tasting food every night.  I believe that we should all have restaurant at-home quality food. It’s what I want to share with you. 


I tend to reinvent the wheel and learn things on my own.  In today’s world, it’s much easier and fun to find videos to teach you how to do almost anything.  I will be adding videos of my own for you.  Back in the day  I used cookbooks, particularly Better Home and Gardens,  and daytime tv shows like Yan Can Cook and Martha Stewart to learn to cook the best tasting meals I could find.   


I find myself being even more grateful for my loved ones this year.  I think we have all found some beauty in the challenges of 2020.  I’ve always put my children and family above all else but this year it seems even more important.  We’ve had an addition to our family with the first grandbaby.  She is a beautiful baby girl and I feel blessed. I don’t live close and I miss being close to her but eventually, these recipes and love will be passed down to her.


My children are the reason I created this website.   I  wanted a place where they could always find and make my food.  My kids are in separate cities now so  I  intend to share my life with them and you, through Mama Shells House.  All are welcome.  I love feeding people. 


I intend to share my recipes with you, share some of my favorite recipes from the web, and add new projects that I try.   I pretty much believe that if I can do it- like building a website- anyone can do it.  We should all design the life that we want and I think the current state of things makes it even more relevant. Let’s add new skills and have some great food and fun!


Share the love and as always enjoy!