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Clay Fun

I made this clay piece because of my nails. I went to have my nails dipped and fell in love with the color so I wanted a jewelry piece to match. It is a perfect spring color and I actually received a lot of compliments on it.

It is currently my favorite even though my nails grew out and I just changed the color. I learned that simple is sometimes best. I had one jewel left from an old piece and I'm so glad I added it here. This is a simple, fun piece and it fills me with joy. The bail was an afterthought but I will add a pic.

As I said in My Clay Break I am going to tell you what I learned with these pieces. This is so much fun and I'm not even halfway through my starter box of clay. The only thing added here is Premo translucent so I could make the faux jade and the pink cabochons.

With the black and white piece I was practicing the curly q's and the rope twist on the outside rim. I made this one evening to match my black and white travel clothes. Plus the clay means I don't have to take it off going through security. Lol. You can't see it in the photo but I put mica powder on the curls before baking so they shine in the light.

This next piece is my first "working" piece. That was the first faux jade ever attempted and I want to make all my own cabochons and create pieces with them. This was the first attempt and the piece that I tried everything on for the first time. I learned that I needed to make the balls more of the same size and really that this craft is much easier than it looks. I watch all the videos and then try to do the same. Ugh. Experience counts. As always.

With the third piece on this gallery I learned much. I learned to twist the outer. I played with the gold and gold hammered look. Since then I have found a much better method that looks more like gold than this but it is fun. Proportion was good . I still need to shine the faux jade but I've worn it out already. It was well received. I also learned the joys of making texture with a simple peppercorn. Fun.

This is more of my princess collection. These are big pieces and I enjoyed practicing on twists, the faux pink rose quartz cabochons, mica powders, glitter, and more. I don't like the third one. It was too big because I was going to add a frame and I learned that proportion matters and the piece needs to be planned. I did love the cabochon in it because it was a cool 60's, 70's blend of clays and looked really cool in person. I also picked up a much better gold effect on the "hammered" part using mica powders.

The first set of pink and blue are actually resin pieces but the actual metal parts are from the set that I bought that made all of these pieces. I will add a link to it on the bottom.

From the next two clay pieces its obvious that I don't have a pasta roller yet. I think I'm gonna have to do it. I really am loving playing with this box of clay as you can tell. I challenged myself to use all of the colors so if some of these pieces are a little weird you know why.

With the heart piece I learned a little more about framing the cabochon. Sorry, I've seen so many tutorials. A cabochon is that piece in the middle that it meant to look like a gem. I definitely need to learn finishing techniques and am currently doing just that. I worked on making the twists more even as well.

With the Blue pieces I was working on scroll type work and I added a bit of glitter at the end. Hey, I'm having fun.

The first purple piece was a lesson in making swirls first reminiscent of the Pumpkin King. I also baked this so that it has a curve. It's all first experimentation. The bottom purple piece is a covered cabochon with a type of holographic glitter rubbed into it. I can picture the jewelry that will connect this. When I finish pieces I'm proud of I will show you. I still have some work ahead of me.

These next are a fun blend of 60's, 70's and 80's. I am showing a good one on the left and one that I learned you can burn on the right. I have a complete good set as well (not pictured)

The third set was fun because it was a custom color and the rest is just playing with very small scrolls and work. I never thought I would enjoy small work like miniatures and yet that is what I'm doing. Weird.

These hearts were in the first set we gave away. The strawberry hearts in the middle picture I fell in love with and gave to my daughter. I have since made one more set that I varnished and made shiny. I love them.

The third heart is one that I originally made for my granddaughter. I ended up smudging the middle but it still looks fun. I have made her a more substantial heart since then.

Most of these pieces are just for fun and for me to learn on so that one day I can feel confident to sell pieces because I have the experience and the eye to make a great piece. Some pieces are just fun and good from the start luckily.

This is the Magicfly set that started me on this most enjoyable journey.

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