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Dumplings (Large batch)

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

2 lbs ground pork

1 lb ground chicken

1 ½ C cabbage

1 C finely shredded carrots

¾ C sliced green onions

200 ml soy sauce *see note

3 packages dumpling wraps

sesame oil for frying

Blend all of the veggies in the food processor or chop them all fine. (see pics)

Mix the pork, chicken, veggies, and soy sauce* all together.

*Note: add only ¾ C soy sauce to start. Then take a small ball and microwave it for less than 30 seconds until cooked through and taste. Continue to add until you reach the desired salty, umami level.

Taking one package of dumpling wraps out of the fridge at a time to work with is best. They have a chance to warm up but not dry out.

Place one wrap in the middle of your hand and place a spoonful of meat filling in the middle. I keep a small container of water to dip my finger in and wet the edge of the dumpling before I fold it over. I usually pinch in 3 folds but this is not necessary. They taste just as good without them.

Heat sesame oil in a nonstick pan that has a well-fitting lid, and place enough dumplings to fill the pan without crowding. You don't want them to stick.

Fry them until they reach a golden brown.

Then pour in 1/4 cup of water and place the lid on.

Cook until the water is evaporated then take the lid off and continue to cook until the bottom crisps up again.

That's it. Enjoy!

The kids usually eat it with just soy sauce but I like a little vinegar-soy-spicy bite. Depending on how much soy sauce you add to the mix you may not want to add a thing and just enjoy them straight. I keep out a small amount of the green onions just to make a small dipping sauce just for me.

I’ve been making these since my boys were little. This has always been a family favorite. They used to sell a package of the mix and you would just add it to pork. Then one day they discontinued it. I had to learn on my own. Ok, this is before widespread internet so it wasn’t as easy as it is now. I had to look at the ingredients and basically deconstruct it to make my own with the right flavor.

I had a houseful of guys so I had to make a huge batch to feed a large family. I can’t seem to get the same flavor from a smaller batch so I still make it this way and freeze half of the meat mixture for another time. Now, I get 2 large dinners or 3 normal from a batch. Once I make a better smaller batch I will share it with you. Until then feed a crowd or have more than one meal ready. I’m coming up with a vegan version too for my daughter. She loves these as well and misses them but she is vegan now.

I’ve always loved feeding people and being able to feed a crowd is fulfilling. I will be making these as appetizers for the holidays. They are great the next day as well. I’ve also made batches and frozen them. Once you have stuffed them and they are looking beautiful in their rows just lay them in the freezer in their single layer. Once they are frozen you can put them in a freezer bag for a later date. I’ve made an extra batch that I will defrost for the Chinese New Year. Hey, I can use as much luck as I can get.

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