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Marinated Beef and Roasted Potatoes

This was my favorite meal for so long. It’s so easy. It’s great on a lazy night when you’re pressed for time but still want a home-cooked meal. It is delicious and elegant enough for company as well. The marinade was one of the first recipes I measured so I apologize because I had to deconstruct it using a scale. I haven’t tasted it right when I have altered the measurements to make it easier. But that is the hardest part and honestly just eyeball until it tastes amazing.

Today is the final test to make sure I’ve measured my own recipe right. It’s Friday and my daughter and I are spending the day together. We added a couple of beauty appointments so we’ll be gone all day but I promised to make dinner. I’m pressed for time but aim to impress.

The marinade takes about 5 minutes. Really. Throw in your meat, seal it, and go on with the rest of the meal. It’s almost grill ready now. While that marinates take your favorite, clean potato and cut it into inch size pieces. You can cut them larger just add more baking time. They are ready when they are tender when pierced by a fork.

I throw the cut pieces straight into a 9x13 casserole, drizzle olive oil all over them, shake on a generous amount of McCormick’s Montreal Chicken Seasoning and toss them together. At this point, it’s your call if you have enough spice. I generally toss and spice about 3 times. I like a lot of spice. Put the potatoes in the 400℉ oven for 20 minutes then stir and let them go for another 20 minutes. They should be done.

Once my potatoes are in I head out to my grill and throw on my beef with McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning. Yep, this is a shortcut meal. I love making my own spice blends but for this meal, it makes it so quick and easy. We love the roasted potatoes that way so much that anytime I say roasted potatoes, it’s McCormick’s. The beef usually takes about 10 minutes per side for medium-rare as the cut is usually larger.

You can pick any veggie as a side dish. I usually like asparagus with this meal because I can throw in the sheet pan in the same oven as the potatoes for the last 10 minutes or so and have everything come together at about the same time. I think I will add broccoli and cheese sauce next time. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it.

This is the perfect marinade when you need a base of flavor, fast. Because it acts like a concentrate you shouldn’t leave it in the marinade for over an hour. It’s meant to be a 30 to 45-minute marinade max.

Beef Marinade

9 oz soy sauce

1.5 oz Worcestershire

1.2 oz balsamic vinegar

.3 oz red wine vinegar

1.5 oz olive oil

Mix all ingredients.

You should have enough for at least two dinners.

Roasted Potatoes

4-6 large russets or potato of your choice

Olive oil

McCormick’s Montreal Chicken Seasoning

Peel and clean potatoes.

Cut them into inch pieces for even cooking

Put them in a casserole

Drizzle olive oil all over them

Sprinkle seasoning over them

Stir and reseason as desired.

Throw them in a 400°F oven

At 20 minutes stir then put them back for another 20 minutes.

Potatoes are done when easily pierced by a fork

It’s really that simple to have the best roasted, tender potatoes with a crisp outside.


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