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My Clay Break

This is my apology for taking a break. I created this website and started a weekly schedule. For the first month, it was fine because I was still ahead of it. It became work very quickly. I am semi-retired and not looking to create a full-time job for myself. I actually want to be completely retired and still creating and loving life! I just want to bring you food and projects you enjoy and that enhance family life.

I have PTSD, depression, bipolar, ADD, pick your acronym. But anyway. It just means that I needed a break with Corona and everything else overwhelming me. I have picked up a craft and I am so fricken grateful and having fun that I would love to share. This is the most fun I have had since I was in early childhood and made marshmallow and toothpick statues.

I would love to share with you my new craft. I bought this clay set and was instantly making jewelry made with love. This was the first thing I made with only my hands and the plastic cutters for tools that were included. I took an old, lost earring and used the jewel to make it pop.

What I learned was how to mix colors and how fun it is. I like making curly additions to the piece and I love sparkle! I added paint with a metallic shimmer just to please me.

I need to get better at making all the balls the same size. I also need to get better with the finishing work. I added a loop and broke the piece, so I need to get better at that, but I also needed to bake it at the right temperature and at the right length of time.

That is something that I need to address. If you decide to take up the craft, good luck to you! If you find a tutorial that gives you the baking directions follow that. Otherwise, it seems to be trial and error. My daughter laughs at me because she says that I picked a craft that is the same as cooking (my job). It’s all trial and error and reinventing the wheel for anything new.

I’d love to share with you my failures and what I have learned. I feel that I am having a great time crafting with clay. I keep telling my daughter that I feel like I have till the end of this box before I should have my skills up and running enough to give or sell my jewelry. Honestly, I am having so much fun with it I don’t even care.

Most of the time I am making pieces just to learn a new technique.

This heart piece I learned how to make it look like it is crocheted or knit. I also learned how to add a twist.

Mistakes taught me that I need to make the strings the same size. I also learned that I need to get better at finishing techniques. (yet again).

It was fun and apparently, I've been in the heart mood. Maybe for Valentine's Day?

This one would need a back if I were to finish it. It is also still bendy. Still fun though.

These creations were some of the second that I made. The 3-D feel was amazing. I had so much fun making the hearts and even the small little seeds that I cut one by one to incorporate into the heart/strawberries.

I never thought I would enjoy small work. Actually, I spurned those tutorials that worked in the miniature, so I am completely surprised that I loved making the strawberries and seeds.

I made these hearts into a set. I was so thrilled and learned how to resin as well as finish them with the proper jewelry. I will show you the finished set. It gave me such pleasure that we gave it to family.

I hope you like what I am doing so far and forgive me for needing time away. Playing and creating with clay is adding new inspiration to my life and I'm sure I will be back to my kitchen creations or at least trying to measure them for you.

I am so thrilled to add this craft. It is really therapeutic. In these crazy times, I would suggest finding something that you can create that gives you joy. There is so much more to learn and so much more to it than just playing with clay. I'm looking forward to learning it all.

When my beautiful daughter is feeling down I've suggested that she plays with the clay as well. She has made such cute little items. I asked permission to include them here. After all my baby girl inspires me every day.

How fun is that?

My next post will just be a listing of my clay creations and mistakes and what I am learning while making each piece. Let's have fun together!

Enjoy! Talk to you soon.

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