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Record Wall Clock

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

This is definitely a ‘use what you have’ project and I’m so in love with it! We moved into this house that has large overhead spaces begging to be filled with large art. It has lots of wall space for more art or pictures. I had no idea how I was going to fill it.

I’ve been wanting a large clock for quite a while but I haven’t been able to find one that filled the bill. One day I got a wild hair and suggested to my daughter that we use our old vinyls, that were too scratched to be played, to make a painted clock. I looked up the center piece fully expecting it to be expensive but found it on Amazon for around $15. This is an oversized clock so I've added the link to the foot-long arms.

My baby girl and I went to work immediately. It was so fun. We divided up the records. I started with the 7. Then the 4 is a cactus for Arizona since we live here. We left our painted vinyls to dry for a couple of days and ended up with the most fun art piece on the wall. Every time I look up at it I smile.

This clock only cost us around $20 because we had the vinyls and only had to replace 2 paints. If you wanted to make something using old records I’ve seen them at thrift stores and garage sales still. We used acrylic paints that we keep for other craft projects and upsized a white and a blue one.

I really like covering the entire record so that you can’t see any of it anymore. My daughter was a little more free form. You can paint anything you’d like. That’s what makes this an easy project. We have no training but made something personal that became an art piece in our home.

Another idea is to print and stick your images to the record as a sort of decoupage. I picture it like a calendar. If you don’t have the wall space for several records then maybe just take one record and find smaller arms for the clock and make a smaller clock. All of these are inexpensive projects and take very little time to achieve success.

We flew by the seat of our pants but I’m sure you will plan better. This project is so easy and fun that it will take you longer to plan the outcome than to achieve the outcome. Plan it with a loved one. The time spent with my daughter was worth so much more. It took a fun DIY and made it a piece and made this house more home.

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