• Mama Shell

Roasted Potatoes

4-6 large russets or potato of your choice

Olive oil

McCormick’s Montreal Chicken Seasoning

Peel and clean potatoes.

Cut them into inch pieces for even cooking

Put them in a casserole

Drizzle olive oil all over them

Sprinkle seasoning over them

Stir and reseason as desired.

Throw them in a 400°F oven

At 20 minutes stir then put them back for another 20 minutes.

They are probably done now so stick a fork in and see if they are tender

It’s really that simple to have the best roasted, tender potatoes with a crisp outside.


Potatoes. We all love them. I’ve been trying to keep down the carbs but these roasted potatoes are so worth it. It is our favorite side dish by far. Everyone loves these potatoes and they go with everything. They get a nice crisp outside while being buttery tender on the inside. My favorite.

I don’t use a lot of spice blends. I like making my own. The McCormick brand of Montreal Steak and Montreal Chicken seasonings are the two staple blends I keep and use frequently because they make it so simple. These roasted potatoes in the chicken seasoning are so good and so easy that you will return to them over and over again.

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